The Lifelong Impact of Learning Disabilities

Workshop #91

The lifelong impact of learning disabilities

Monday February 10th 2020 (9:30am to 11:30am)
Fees : $ 125 per person


2 hours


Beginner & advanced





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Trainers, teachers, professionals and employers

Postsecondary, Continuing Education, Adult Education Centre, Human Resources, Employment Center

Objective & Description

To better understand the impact of these disabilities in adulthood


Learning disabilities and the disorders that are sometimes associated with them (e.g. ADHD, anxiety), can present challenges both at school and at work. “Many adults (some of whom are unaware of their LDs) have developed ways to cope with their difficulties and are able to lead successful lives. LDs shouldn’t hinder a person from attaining goals. Regardless of the situation, understanding the specific challenges and learning strategies to deal with LDs directly at every stage can alleviate a lot of frustration and make successful living much easier.” (LDAC, retrieved from website February 16th, 2018). 

Trainers, teachers, professionals and employers have a critical role to play throughout an individual’s lifespan. This webinar has been developed to provide participants with a more in depth understanding of adults with learning disabilities, the issues that arise and the ways to address them in a constructive manner.

This webinar focuses on several objectives:
• To better understand the impact of these disabilities in adulthood;
• To find ways to deal with their significance both in the school setting and the work force;
• To acknowledge the challenges faced by trainers, professionals, teachers and employers, as well as to provide them with some useful strategies.

Together we will discover ways to reduce barriers and make school and work environments more inclusive for those individuals with learning disabilities.


Alice Havel

Ph.D. in Counselling Psychology, Research Associate with the Adaptech Research Network and a Dawson College scholar in residence. For over twenty years, she was the Coordinator of the Student AccessAbility Centre at Dawson College.

Roberta Thompson

M.A. in Educational Technology, advocate for the creation of accessible learning environments for all. She has been engaged with diverse individuals across her lifespan in a multitude of educational settings, working to scaffold environments to meet learners’need. 

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